Introducing rules_oci! An open-sourced Bazel ruleset that makes it simpler and more secure to build container images with Bazel

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Speed up build times by 10x. Cut test times by 3x. Implement Bazel the smart way and join the era of faster build & test.

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To benefit from faster, reproducible builds with Bazel, you need a viable migration path and confident users. Our world-class Bazel experts pave the way for a smooth transition.

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Seamlessly migrate your organization to Bazel.

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Bazel OSS support to keep your team unblocked.

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Custom rule development and OSS bug fixes.

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Ramp-up your team to succeed with Bazel.

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What is Bazel?

This open-source, multi-language build tool from Google saves developers time with faster, reproducible build and test. Bazel caches and distributes builds and makes them more incremental.

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Build binaries and deployable packages for multiple platforms.


Work with multiple repositories and user bases.


Extend Bazel to support any other language or framework.

Fast and reliable

Get fast, incremental builds by rebuilding only what's necessary.

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Who uses Bazel?

Many companies use Bazel to optimize the way they build and test software, including Stripe, Dropbox, Lyft, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Our process

Reduce build times by 10x and cut test times by 3x with expert Bazel support that's tailored to your unique needs.

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1. On Ramp

On-boarding services to assist in your Bazel installation.

2. Bazel

Installed software to drive your developer workflow outcomes.

3. Remote Execution

SaaS to cache and parallelize your workload using on-prem or public cloud.

4. Support

Ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth transition.

Trusted By
Vasilios Pantazopoulos
Vasilios Pantazopoulos

As a Bazel monorepo, our frontend builds have always been difficult to understand and reason about. With Aspect's congenial, guided assistance, we've brought our production...

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Igor Minaev
Igor Minar
TL of Angular

I cannot imagine building and testing Angular without Bazel. It's been a life-changer and enabled us to scale and iterate in ways that we couldn't have accomplished otherwise…

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Photo of Tristan Foureur
Tristan Foureur
CTO of WeMaintain

We felt intimidated by Bazel at first, but Aspect accompanied us in implementing it in our TypeScript monorepo. We've drastically reduced our overall CI pipeline time from an hour to 7 minutes

Lewis Hemens photo
Lewis Hemens
CTO of Dataform

The team helped us to make improvements to local development: no more random bash scripts that you forget to run, incremental builds reduced to seconds from minutes...

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Photo of Jason Badard
Jason Bedard

At Allocadia we use Bazel as the primary build system in a monorepo consisting of multiple applications, services and deployments across a range of technologies…

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World-class Bazel experts

For years our experts have contributed to Bazel at Google and maintained official Bazel rules. They offer valuable insight into how Bazel integrates with the surrounding toolchain, developer workflow, and business processes.

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