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Maximize Bazel's value to your organization with a robust migration plan. Our experts will chart an optimal path tailored to your resources and goals. We also provide staff augmentation to give your team the expertise necessary to accelerate your transition to Bazel.

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Bazel Migrations

  • rules_js
  • bzlmod
  • rules_python

and more…

Build & test performance optimizations

CI/CD Pipeline Configuration

Remote execution configuration

We decided to dive in and migrate our build system entirely to Bazel. Once we had fully migrated, we saw many benefits to all parts of our development workflow.

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Lewis Hemens,
CTO of Dataform
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Aspect's Bazel support is the missing commercial support option for Bazel Open Source Software and its ecosystem of rules. Our experts will do our best to keep your team unblocked by answering questions, pointing to relevant documentation and issues, and recommending best practice patterns we've seen succeed.

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Tristan Foureur,
CTO of WeMaintain

We've drastically reduced our overall CI pipeline time from an hour to 7 minutes while making the tooling easy to use for our engineering team.

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Our engineers will work alongside your development team to develop custom rules, fix bugs in open source rules and Bazel core, and unwind patches in your repository.

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I cannot imagine building and testing Angular without Bazel. It's been a life-changer for us and enabled us to scale and iterate in ways that we couldn't have accomplished otherwise.

Igor Minaev
Igor Minar,
TL of Angular


Aspect's training can cover everything from Bazel essentials to advanced topics for build system engineers. Whether your team is only getting started with Bazel, or is already well versed and would like to build on their knowledge, we will customize a training program that maximizes the value to your engineers.

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Bazel Essentials

  • Key concepts
  • Build, test & query
  • Macros & genrule
  • Workspaces & bzlmod


  • Go
  • JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js
  • Java
  • Python

Advanced Topics

  • Custom rules
  • BUILD file generation
  • Developer experience with Bazel
  • Optimizing CI for Bazel
  • Remote execution & remote cache
Vasilios Pantazopoulos
Vasilios Pantazopoulos,

As a Bazel monorepo, our frontend builds have always been difficult to understand and reason about. With Aspect's congenial, guided assistance, we've brought our production and local development build pipelines closer to each other.

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