Technical experts

Technical experts

For years our experts have contributed to Bazel at Google and maintained official Bazel rules.

We offer clients this firsthand, comprehensive technical experience both with Bazel itself and with the ways it integrates with the surrounding toolchain, developer workflow, and business processes.

Our unique expertise allows us to help organizations migrate to Bazel quickly and seamlessly.

Aspect’s high performance custom rulesets
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  • rules_py - Bazel rules for running Python tools and building Python projects

C / C++


  • rules_oci - Bazel rules for building OCI containers


  • bazel-lib - Common useful rules & functions for writing custom build rules with Starlark
Aspect maintains some of Bazel's most popular core rulesets
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Our engineers have contributed to other projects in the Bazelbuild GitHub.org
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Open source advocates

Open source advocates

We believe that decentralized software development drives innovation. Our team has made many important contributions to Bazel through our rules. This includes rules_js, used for running JavaScript programs, and rules_oci, which makes it simpler and more secure to build container images with Bazel.

Aspect's Rules
Github contributions

Our team has made 17,807 contributions in the last year

A division of Aspect Build Systems

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We go the distance

We work remotely with companies around the world to help them successfully migrate to Bazel.

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